Chicken or the egg?

The age old question, but in this case the Chicken definitely came first then the egg (s) Abbigail hen hopped in the van once No.1 trail assistant exited to use the facilities.



The reason for the visit to Beirhope (as though an excuse is needed) was website training session. Jonathon from iflookscouldkill dialled in from middle France, the wonders of the new Borders link high speed connection! It was an interesting session with chickens, street cleaning carts, howling dogs and church bells from either end of the web link.

The new website itself is looking great and we are finalising the maps and uploading photos furiously. A week of user testing with any alterations and tweaks we should be ready to launch imminently.

After a quick cup of tea, I headed for home with a half dozen fresh Annabel (and others) eggs – Eggxiting times?



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