Bit of an urban theme today. A quick trip up to Auld Reekie (Edinburgh) in the morning for a meeting and then back to Kelsae to investigate sourcing new trail markers.

Kelso from the millennium viewpoint to the town, abbey and bridge over the river Tweed, Scottish Borders.

As it was the end of the day the No#1 trail assistant and I went for a mooch around town. Kelso (Kelsae) is a market town that was born with the magnificent Kelso Abbey in 1128. It is one of the towns main attractions, along with Floors castle and busy vibrant town centre.

Jupiter Artland
Kelso Abbey

Kelso is also a great dog-friendly town with many of the shops allowing No#1 trail assistant in -and a trip to his favourite shop Granny Jean’s butcher for a bone! We went to the fabulous One Basket which is stuffed with local products and produce so we treated ourselves to some Wax Wraps from Amberhounds, made with local beeswax, helping to reduce our plastic waste and great for putting all our trail snacks in. Some delicious Reiver coffee beans from three hills coffee (essential for those early morning trail starts) and some amazing smelling lavender and geranium shampoo bars.

We also popped in to see Natures way an independent health shop, got some fantastic advice on supplements and trail assistant had a nice snooze on the rug!

As well as being stuffed with many independent shops the town also has a wide range of cafes and restaurants and of course in keeping with the Borders love of the horse there is ‘Britain’s Friendliest Racecourse’ and the upcoming Whipmen ride all part of the events of Kelso Civic week.


A busy wee town with lots to do and see

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