Spain, a henge and hospitality

A trip West to Weston Farm, Dunsyre and the handsome Henry my steed for the next few days. Henry is Carey’s horse which he kindly lent me to go exploring on, Henry is part Andalusian and once underway is like a Spanish galleon in full sail, steady but determined and he is not phased by anything!

Sorry Henry not the most flattering picture!

He needs a bit of encouragement to walk a pace but then he is trying to keep up with THE most energetic 25-year old I have ever met (more on that later). Ask Henry to trot and you are on a different horse, he is lightness and grace and you could easily sit on him all day.

A.M we explored the 900 or so acres of Organic Western Farm itself, there are just endless possibilities and everything from the Neolithic henge, wetland, hay meadows to forest trails to explore.




P.M  I took out Ivor (the 25year old) who everyone else has to try and keep up with, he is a little rocket and so much fun. We only did a short loop around the farm down onto the railway line. The old branch line comes all the way through the bottom of the farm with the potential to ride to West Linton and onto the SOSCT where you can ride over to Peebles and beyond.


After a great evening of food and stories in the cosy newly refurbished kitchen of Weston farm, it was an early night ready for the hills tomorrow. I woke early to see the horses playing in the paddock outside the window, hopefully not using too much energy up!


Paula and her horse Troy (Henry’s best mate) joined us for our adventure, we headed up the drive and across the road onto a hill track to the aptly named Horse Law. After a few water crossings and ditches, we got to the T junction where instead of going to the forest as we planned we decided to turn right and head for Dunsyre. We followed the track to a boggy crossing which once was water, we were a bit hesitant about where to cross but clearly, Henry knew best, taking matters quietly into his own hooves on he ploughed straight across the short section to the other side – he is a star!


Once we were all across Ivor clearly wasn’t going to dally any more or off we set for a run up the grass track all the way up the hill. It was then an easy path back down to the road past the Ian Hamilton Finlay garden Little Sparta (over 275 pieces of his work are on display here.)

Along the road and back for a well-deserved cup of tea for us and a roll in the field for the boys. A great few days and a wonderful place to stay

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