The Chase

The Hawick riding route is a 24-mile circular route that means you are never far from town yet up on the quiet of the surrounding hills. This was a survey of the Southern section of the trail so parked up just outside Kirkton and followed the road as the crow flies straight over and down into Hawick t pick up the riding route at Borthaugh Water back over to Kirkton.

It was due to be another hot day so we set off early and got to Hawick just as the Thursday chase (part of the Hawick common ridings) got back into town. We had a quick breakfast while we watched horses came back up the high street, closely followed by a road sweeper!


A sight to behold and everyone looked like they had had a good mornings riding. We met up with a few of them riding back through town to home at Borthaugh and they told me about their many years of riding, their passion for the Common Riding and the Borders obsession with the horse. We parted ways with an invitation for 6.00 a.m. for the Snuffin’ followed by the traditional rum and milk before breakfast.


We picked up the markers at Borthaugh and crossed the ford, headed uphill to St Leonards Park Racecourse which was being set up for the big day on Friday (Common Ridings). Once out of the race course you follow a quiet road for a few miles before heading back onto the hill and a clear track to Kirkton. The whole trail is very well marked and easy to follow, easily manageable in a day.


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