Planning 2 Suceed


The group (see left)  met at Hownam and Beirhope where the menagerie has grown since I was here last, runner ducks now add to the fun! First order of business was getting tucked into Lynne’s custard cream tray bake #priorities

There was a lot to get through as the group has now elected a chair and vice chair, also the social media pages are up and running, Ride Borders is the group Instagram page, give it a follow and see what’s happening. We talked routes and route templates for riders to follow.

A farm tour was in order after lunch – always my favourite part, seeing progress and plans as well as meeting all the animals.

The planning has been approved and after a few hurdles work is due to start converting the picnic barn and old piggeries into a bunk house. Stables will be in the barn next door and the first visitors will be in for next season. In the meantime, you can go have a look by booking your Alpaca walk 

Custard cream recipe to anyone that can guess what this is……


Mysterious stone

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